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Defending Your Right To Receive Compensation After An Airplane Accident

Although the FAA has established stringent safety regulations for commercial airlines and private airplane operators, it can be expensive to comply with these guidelines. Unfortunately, it’s passengers who are most affected when these businesses cut corners on pilot training, airplane maintenance and other critical safety issues.

Throughout New Hampshire, our attorneys at McDowell & Morrissette, PA, have established a reputation for their ability to handle complex claims effectively. We have substantial experience representing personal injury victims and their loved ones in catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases. We are able to represent you in aviation lawsuits against major airlines, regional carriers, charter plane operators or other at-fault parties.

Customizing A Legal Approach That Gets Results

At our personal injury firm, our lawyers customize their approach according to the unique facts of your case. We routinely work with aviation specialists, engineers and accident investigators to establish liability. Utilizing their insight and drawing on decades of trial experience, we create strong arguments that resonate with juries and judges.

Attorneys at McDowell & Morrissette, PA, have the experience to represent the victims of plane accidents and airplane-related injuries. Representative cases include:

  • An airline passenger was killed and his estate was entitled to damages for the passenger’s loss of life when a private jet landed short of an airport’s runway.
  • A passenger’s estate was entitled to damages from the owner and operator of an airplane when the plane crashed while landing.
  • A man developed a blood clot in his leg after work-related travel on airplanes, resulting in his death.

Whether your injuries were caused by a defective airplane component, noncompliance with industry safety regulations or another preventable error, we have the legal resources to defend your claim.

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