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Representing Victims Of Dog Or Animal Attacks

It can take years to fully recover from an unprovoked dog attack. Emotional and physical scars are slow to heal, leaving a lasting impact on the victim. When dog owners refuse to follow leash laws or fail to discipline their dogs, innocent bystanders should not bear the burden of an owner’s recklessness.

Whether you were attacked by an animal that has bitten others or one that has no history of aggression, our lawyers at McDowell & Morrissette, PA, are qualified to assist you with your personal injury matter. We have helped many injury victims in Manchester and the surrounding area secure full compensation from insurance companies that are responsible for paying out animal attack claims. Don’t face insurance representatives or their attorneys alone. Our team is eager to advocate for you.

Striving To Secure Full Compensation For Your Injuries

Owners and keepers of dogs are responsible for any unprovoked attack by their dog on other animals and people. With our assistance, our clients have secured full compensation for animal attack victims suffering from severe scarring, extensive lacerations and psychological trauma.

Representative cases include:

  • Young child attacked by large breed dog causing scarring to child’s abdomen and permanent injury to her arm
  • Woman bit in the face by a dog causing permanent scarring
  • Homeowner and his small dog attacked in his own back yard by neighbor’s large, aggressive dogs
  • Child eating ice cream cone at ice cream stand was attacked by a dog resulting in facial scarring

Our lawyers use decades of combined experience to identify a straightforward approach for your personal injury case. You can depend on us to handle your claim effectively so that you leave this legal matter behind.

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