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Advocating For Victims Involved In Car Or Other Motor Vehicle Accidents

It only takes a minute for a motor vehicle accident to change your life forever. If you have been hurt in a collision, you could spend months rehabilitating your injuries which can limit your ability to work and erase your savings.

When you work with our attorneys at McDowell & Morrissette, PA, we act promptly to hold negligent motorists responsible for causing catastrophic accidents. Our lawyers have practiced personal injury law in New Hampshire for decades, so they are able to navigate this process efficiently. Whether you need an advocate in court or at the negotiating table, we are ready to represent you and get the results you deserve.

Offering Comprehensive Representation After A Collision

The attorneys at McDowell & Morrissette, PA, regularly represent the injured victims of automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents, pedestrians injured by motor vehicles, four-wheeling and snowmobile accidents, boating accidents and accidents caused by drunk drivers. We aggressively challenge at-fault motorists and their insurers so you can focus on your healing.

Representative cases include:

  • A motorcyclist was cut off by a left-turning motor vehicle, resulting in a total leg amputation.
  • A rental van full of gymnasts was struck by another motorist at an intersection with death resulting.
  • A pedestrian at a car wash was struck by a passing motorist causing leg amputation, severe internal injuries and subsequently her death.
  • A drunk driver struck another motor vehicle on a highway which resulted in a hangman’s fracture of the victim’s cervical spine and the loss of her fetus.
  • A construction company failed to properly secure and reclaim an excavation site which resulted in an off-road motorcyclist’s spine injury and paraplegia.
  • Rescue workers improperly tied a woman to a rescue boat which then sank and caused her drowning death.
  • A car flipped off the highway where a railroad failed to properly protect the sides of an overpass.
  • A snowmobiler is killed because the operator of a snow groomer parked the snow groomer on the wrong side of a recreational trail.
  • A boat operator struck a submerged rock near the shoreline while operating after dark resulting in a passenger’s serious facial injuries.
  • A boat operator negligently turned suddenly without warning at a high speed resulting in a serious back injury to a passenger.
  • A tractor-trailer struck the rear of another vehicle propelling it into the oncoming traffic causing serious injuries to multiple occupants.
  • A taxi driver negligently drove through a stop sign resulting in serious injuries to the occupants of the taxi.
  • A drunk driver hit a child alighting from a school bus resulting in a fracture to the child’s spine.
  • A senior citizen was hit in the crosswalk with death resulting.
  • A college student was run over while in a crosswalk resulting in broken bones and brain injury.

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