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Representing People Injured By Unsafe Property Conditions

New Hampshire laws require residential and commercial property owners to keep their premises safe from hazards or take steps to fix hazards when they arise. It’s costly to repair and remain compliant with safety codes, which is why some property owners do not maintain premises as they should. If you slip and fall or suffer other preventable injuries, these negligent property owners should be held accountable for putting their profits over your well-being.

Our attorneys at McDowell & Morrissette, PA, stand up for personal injury victims’ rights to receive full and fair compensation after a severe accident. We will not back down from a legal challenge and are always ready to confront negligent property owners and their insurers throughout the state. Our lawyers have the courtroom and negotiation background necessary to resolve complicated premises liability claims. Consult with us for free and learn about your options.

Ready To Handle Slip-And-Fall Claims And Other Intricate Matters

Attorneys at McDowell & Morrissette, PA, regularly represent the injured victims of accidents that should not have happened when victims are involved in recreation, helping other people, and conducting their daily business. Representative cases include:

  • A teenager suffered quadriplegia following a diving accident in an above-ground swimming pool.
  • A lifeguard failed to rescue a swimmer during a swimming test with death resulting.
  • A day care negligently supervised children who were taken to a playground which resulted in a child’s serious arm fracture.
  • A child touches a fallen, high-voltage power line while playing near his home resulting in serious burns.
  • A woman shattered her lower leg when climbing an improperly placed and unsecured ladder to gain entrance to a neighbor’s house.
  • A man suffered a serious brain injury while helping a neighbor remove snow from a roof when the neighbor dumped snow on the man’s head while he was climbing a ladder, causing him to fall and resulting in catastrophic injury.
  • An elderly woman suffered a severe shoulder injury when she tripped over the corner of a grocery store display stand that stuck out at ankle level.
  • A man suffered severe injuries when directed to stand in a certain place while assisting a neighbor with tree cutting, and a large branch fell and rolled onto him.
  • Prior owner’s unreported alterations to riding lawn mower resulted in the amputation of a large portion of the user’s hand.

Insurance companies that are responsible for settling premises liability claims will take whatever steps necessary to limit payouts. When you are facing their lawyers in negotiations or litigation, you need a skilled ally to aggressively promote your interests.

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