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Challenging Insurance Claim Denials

Although you may pay your insurance bills in full and on time, your insurance provider may not respond in kind when you file a claim. Insurance companies don’t make money when they pay out claims; denying claims pads their profits. These businesses and their employees go to extreme lengths to minimize the payouts that their customers are entitled to receive.

Our attorneys at McDowell & Morrissette, PA, know the tricks that insurance companies use to limit their financial obligations to policyholders. We have helped individuals and families throughout New Hampshire secure the fair payouts for car accidents claims, property damage claims, life insurance claims and other policy claims. Whether your insurance provider is locally owned or a nationally-recognized entity, we have the resources to take your case.

Obtaining The Benefits You Deserve

Insurance companies wrongfully deny claims for benefits and refuse to admit when accidental injuries are covered by insurance policies. Our attorneys at McDowell & Morrissette, PA, regularly bring claims against insurance companies that wrongfully deny benefits to accident victims and others who are entitled to insurance benefits for which they paid a premium.

Representative cases include:

  • An insurance company wrongfully denied uninsured motorist benefits, claiming the daughter struck by a drunk driver was not a resident relative of the parent’s household.
  • Insurance company wrongfully denied uninsured motorist coverage to the teenage son of the policyholder when the son was killed in a head-on collision.
  • Insurance carrier wrongfully denied coverage under a fleet policy when the wife of a business owner was killed by a motor vehicle while she was a pedestrian.
  • Insurance carrier wrongfully denied uninsured motorist coverage for a daughter who suffered serious facial fractures and a serious leg injury as a passenger in the car owned by her mother.
  • Accidental death benefits wrongfully denied when a motorcyclist drove off a road and died striking a tree.
  • Life insurance benefits wrongfully denied when the insured died of cancer within two years of the issuance of the policy.

We Are Focused On Your Case, Not Our Bottom Line

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