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If you’ve been injured at work, you may not be satisfied with the treatment you are receiving from the workers’ compensation doctor or the benefits you are receiving. You may know what rights you have to seek a second opinion; now is also the time to seek legal advice. Your job and your health may depend on you taking the right steps.

New Hampshire’s workers’ compensation and personal injury laws protect employees hurt on the job site. You may not be familiar with these laws and procedures. At McDowell & Morrissette, PA, our attorneys have an intimate understanding of these laws and they are ready to help. Our legal team handles all aspects of the claims process from applications to appeals. We make it our mission to secure a favorable outcome that allows you to move on from your accident.

A Proven Advocate In Workers’ Comp Cases

Our lawyers have successfully represented a diverse range of workers whose lives have been forever changed by catastrophic injuries. Whether you are an hourly or salaried worker, operate heavy machinery or serve in the police force, we are equipped to assist you with your workers’ compensation matter. Our attorneys have over one century of legal experience which we use to present a compelling case that gets results in a timely fashion. With our assistance, you can be certain that you will be well-prepared to present your side before compensation boards or administrators. Should your claim be rejected, our attorneys will explore all available options before we appeal an unfavorable decision.

In certain situations, injured workers may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits and damages from a personal injury lawsuit. Our lawyers regularly represent the victims of workplace accidents who are taking action against negligent third parties. You may be eligible to file a third-party liability claim if your injury was caused by an individual who does not work for your employer or a business that leases or creates machinery that you operate at work.

We help workers file third-party liability claims against individuals or businesses responsible for injuries that result from:

When you consult with us, we will review the circumstances surrounding your accident. If we can establish that your work-related injuries were caused by a contractor, property owner, manufacturer or another third party, we will seek out compensation from all available sources.

Our Results Speak For Themselves

Our recent success stories include cases where:

  • A construction worker suffered a serious head injury when he was hit with a sheet of plywood during the demolition of a building.
  • A worker had skin ripped off of his leg when an assembly line caught his leg during the fabrication of concrete piping.
  • An ironworker suffered permanent injuries to his spine and a serious brain injury with the need for permanent care when the general contractor failed to provide proper fall protection during the construction of a building.
  • A laborer suffered serious injury, including loss of a leg, during the excavation of a site when a skidder operator ran over the worker.
  • An employee of a subcontractor was thrown from a skidder with death resulting.
  • An explosion in a fireworks factory caused severe burns to employees and killed two workers.
  • An employee suffered multiple fractures when a bolt was not secured on a man-lift.
  • A subcontractor was electrocuted from the discharge of a high-voltage transmission line.
  • A cable TV installer suffered serious and permanent electrical shock injuries from a high-voltage power line that traveled through an overgrown and wet pine tree.
  • Construction worker’s neck fracture was found to be related to his work installing a roof truss even though the employee’s fall may have resulted from the employee’s loss of consciousness.
  • An employee of a flooring company suffered a work-related injury when he was involved in a motor vehicle accident on the way to a customer’s home, even though he had a similar pre-existing condition to his spine.
  • An employee was entitled to permanent disability from his employer and worker’s compensation insurance carrier even though he had not been paid wage benefits for several years when he required a shoulder joint replacement.
  • Police officer was entitled to the reimbursement of his accrued personal time where he used the accrued time when the employer wrongfully denied wage benefits and improperly challenged the causal relationship of his work injury.
  • A construction worker and paint manager was not required to return to work for the same employer in an alternative position for less pay where he could not return to his prior occupation due to serious spinal injuries.
  • An engineer was entitled to total disability wage payments, though his employer and insurance company provided for retraining, when the retraining did not enable the engineer to earn an income near his pre-accident wages when he had serious neck and back injuries.

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