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Experience Matters In Product Liability Cases

Construction sites, refineries and factories are inherently dangerous places to work even when industry standards are met and machines are properly maintained. When manufacturers or distributors cut corners on safety to save money, they needlessly jeopardize worker safety.

At McDowell & Morrissette, PA, our legal team zealously represents New Hampshire workers injured by faulty or dangerous products they were required to use on the job site. We draw on our substantial understanding of state strict liability laws to secure maximum damages for our clients. Whether your accident was caused by a design flaw, a manufacturing defect or poorly written warnings, we are qualified to take your case.

Proven Advocates For Severely Injured Workers

Workplace incidents and other accidents are sometimes caused by defective tools, dangerous machines and other faulty industrial equipment. Attorneys at McDowell & Morrissette, PA, have the experience and skills to pursue product liability claims against the manufacturers and distributors of defective and dangerous products.

Our firm’s representative cases include:

  • Near amputation of a warehouse worker’s arm from collapsing forklift tower
  • Explosion of asphalt tanker causing severe burns to a worker
  • Homeowner suffered severe burns and subsequently died from the burns and infection as a result of an explosion of a home (gas grill) propane gas tank
  • Six-year-old passenger killed in a motor vehicle from an overly aggressive airbag
  • Passenger in motor vehicle suffered serious and traumatic eye injury as a result of an overly aggressive airbag
  • Operator of hot asphalt tanker truck suffered serious facial burns when the asphalt tanker ruptured
  • Machine operator has a large portion of scalp torn off when her head and hair are caught on a spinning shaft in a machine
  • Slaughterhouse cleaner suffered permanent hand crush injuries and severe lacerations when his hand was pulled into a meat grinder. The cleaner was entitled to workers’ compensation benefits and to claim damages against his co-employees where the safety or guard had been disabled or was not functional.

Our lawyers draw on over a century of legal experience when they advocate for injured workers. Our experience can give you an edge when you need substantial compensation to settle your medical bills, offset lost wages and cover future expenses.

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